Chuck Close Self-Portrait (Pink T-shirt)


"Kiki Smith: I Am A Traveler" Sep. 28, 2019 – Jan. 19, 2020 at Modern Art Oxford, London; the show includes several Smith tapestries published by Magnolia Editions

Magnolia Paper studio: Newly updated papermaking publications now available online and in print including Renaissance Paper Textures, Japanese Papermaking, and Determinate Hand Papermaking

New publication: order Kiki Smith: Tapestries, a 70-page survey of Smith's woven editions to date

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Magnolia Editions (aka Magnolia Tapestry Project and Magnolia Press) is a fine art studio in Oakland, California. For over two decades we have worked closely with artists to produce and publish fine art projects, including unique and editioned works on paper, artist books, and public art. Primarily a printmaking studio, we have also been working since the late 1990s on a set of techniques which put industrial weaving technology in the service of artists. To date, we have woven editions by artists such as Bruce Conner, Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, Ed Moses, Leon Golub, and Nancy Spero, among others. Magnolia Editions tapestries have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the White Cube Gallery in London.

The studio also continue to explore both traditional and innovative techniques for creating printed work on paper and a variety of media. Our studio includes facilities for etching/intaglio printing as well as various digital printing tools, including a large-scale (8 ft x 4 ft) flatbed digital (pigment) printer which can print on nearly any substrate (gessoed panel, glass, leather, plexiglas, aluminum, raw linen). Artists have used this printer to realize major commissions for the San Francisco International Airport and the Oakland Airport. Other recent projects have incorporated a mix of traditional and digital techniques, such as an innovative digital photogravure method in which a 'resist' is digitally printed on an etching plate. We are always interested in developing creative solutions to new artistic challenges.

Magnolia Editions' West Oakland warehouse location includes an old-world handmade paper facility: please visit the Magnolia Paper website for more information.

Since 1982 Magnolia has produced and published works with the following artists: Faisal Abdu'Allah | Rex Amos | Miya Ando | Craig Antrim | Robert Arneson | Chester Arnold | Alexandre Arrechea | Aziz + Cucher | Robert Bechtle | Scott Bell | Louisiana Bendolph | Timothy Berry | David Best | BOMBHEAD | Joan Brown | Chad Buck | John Buck | Brian Caraway | Squeak Carnwath | Enrique Chagoya | Chuck Close | Bruce Conner | Lia Cook | Fred Dalkey | Lewis deSoto | Andy Diaz Hope & Laurel Roth | Guy Diehl | Ding Yi | Elena Dorfman | Peter Drake | Rick Dula | Robert Charles Dunahay | Amy Ellingson | Christine Eudoxie | Donald & Era Farnsworth | Donald Farnsworth | June Felter | Sam Francis | Harry Fritzius | Guillermo Galindo | Stephen Galloway | Deborah Garber | Rupert Garcia | Nancy Genn | David Gilhooly | Matt Glavin | Ralph Goings | Joseph Goldyne | Leon Golub | April Gornik | Diane Andrews Hall | Doug Hall | Don Ed Hardy | Gus Heinze | Charles Hobson | Anthony Holdsworth | Mildred Howard | Robert Hudson | Hudson/Shaw/Wiley | Hughen/Starkweather | Oliver Jackson | Alex Katz | Rob Keller | Karen Kunc | Robert Kushner | Louis LaBrie | Jimin Lee | Hung Liu | Luis Llibre | Diogenes Lucero | Carlos Luna | Alan Magee | Dan McCleary | Michael McCollum | Manuel Mendive | George Miyasaki | Santiago Montoya | Ed Moses | James Murray | John Nava | Bob Nugent | Laura Orchard | Deborah Oropallo | Johnny Otis | Mark Perlman | Norbert Prangenberg | Mel Ramos | John Register | Barbara Rogers | Clare Rojas | Clare Rojas | Jeff Sanders | Raymond Saunders | David Settino Scott | Richard Shaw | Katherine Sherwood | Hassel Smith | Dean Smith | Kiki Smith | Nancy Spero | The St. Petersburg Travelers | Mark Stock | Inez Storer | Sam Tchakalian | Masami Teraoka | Tallulah Terryll | The Art Guys | Clayton Thiel | James Torlakson | Chris Unterseher | Claire Van Vliet | Various Artists | Peter Voulkos | Richard Wagener | Darren Waterston | Mary Hull Webster | Stan Welsh | Katherine Westerhout | William Wiley | Don Williams | Miriam Wosk | Xiaoze Xie | Yu Youhan | Eric Zener | Zhang Peili