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Origin: Specimens by Donald Farnsworth

(paperback, 74 pages)


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A catalog of works by Donald Farnsworth exhibited at the Fresno Art Museum and the Nevada Museum of Art. Farnsworth's large scale prints on paper and canvas combine extraordinarily detailed, hyper-realistic images of specimens from the natural world with text from Charles Darwin's Origin of Species, inviting the viewer to consider the dual roles of observation and belief in humanity's understanding of its own origins. Includes an essay by Nick Stone and a foreword by the artist.

The Magnolia Tapestry Project
Hardcover, 154 pages

A survey of tapestries published by Magnolia through 2009, including an interview with Tapestry Project founders Donald Farnsworth and John Nava. Includes over 100 tapestry editions by 28 artists including Squeak Carnwath, Chuck Close, Leon Golub, Doug Hall, Alex Katz, Hung Liu, Deborah Oropallo, Mel Ramos, Nancy Spero, and William Wiley, with an introductory essay and commentary by Nick Stone.

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