Tapestries by Artists
Faisal Abdu'Allah
Chester Arnold
Aziz + Cucher
Brian Caraway
Squeak Carnwath
Enrique Chagoya
Chuck Close
Bruce Conner
Lewis deSoto
Andy Diaz Hope & Laurel Roth
Guy Diehl
Ding Yi
Donald Farnsworth
Donald & Era Farnsworth
Rupert Garcia
Joseph Goldyne
Leon Golub
April Gornik
D. J. Hall
Diane Andrews Hall
Doug Hall
Gus Heinze
Anthony Holdsworth
Alex Katz
Robert Kushner
Hung Liu
Carlos Luna
Alan Magee
Dan McCleary
George Miyasaki
Ed Moses
Bob Nugent
Deborah Oropallo
Mel Ramos
Jeff Sanders
Kiki Smith
Nancy Spero
Masami Teraoka
Tallulah Terryll
The Art Guys
Darren Waterston
Katherine Westerhout
William Wiley
Miriam Wosk
Xiaoze Xie
Yu Youhan
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