Rupert Garcia

Untitled (Diego and Frida)

Untitled (Rooster)

Untitled (Mayan)

Untitled (For Vincente)

Untitled (Angela Davis)

Untitled (Delores)


La Agua Para Frida

Tsunami (triptych)

Tsunami (small)

Claudio et David


Obama from Douglass

For Juan de Pareja


Water, Earth, Sun, Flower

Lincoln, 2002

Obama 2008

Flight II

Obama Hope

Too Dangerous Flowers


¡No War For Oil!

Courbet and the Vendome Column

Chairman Mao

1973,2002,2003 (Maguey de la Vida)

La Xochitl IV

1965,1970,2002,2003 (Self-portrait)

Frida Kahlo

1973, 2001, 2002

1968, 2002

La Virgen and Colored Boxes

1970, 1971, 1997, 2002

1819, 1962-1966, 2002

W + P

Symphony for Lenin

San Francisco Symphony, youth orchestra anniversary


1492 + 1775

Untitled for Seeing

Untitled for Las Xochilas

Untitled for Lupe

Untitled for Touchstones

Untitled for Sor Juana

Untitled for Color

Untitled for Las Camisas

Untitled for Flying on the Ground

Untitled for Lenin et MAB

Untitled for Eyellende

Untitled for Manet, Zapata et Che

Politics and Provocation (Picasso)

Politics and Provocation (Rivera dog)

Untitled for Che & Zapata

La Virgen

For Magritte

For Magritte, Too

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Rupert Garcia: the Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011
(paperback, 120 pages)
Please contact Magnolia to order
Published on the occasion of the exhibitionRupert Garcia: The Magnolia Editions Projects 1991- 2011 at the de Young Museum, this book includes color reproductions of editions, posters, experimental proofs, and unique works by Rupert Garcia in a variety of media, accompanied by a new essay by poet, critic, and curator John Yau.

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