Squeak Carnwath
Do Birds Think?, 1990
mixed media (litho, woodcut, collage, oil on paper)
36 x 53 in

Do Birds Think was printed on a Steinmesse & Stollberg offset litho press. All thirty colors were hand drawn by Squeak Carnwath. In order to change the texture of the lithograph, six layers of oil paint and Liquin were applied to the surface. Strips of Japanese paper, torn and placed horizontally, were added to the left panel. Words were then stenciled on this panel as follows: one AP and edition numbers 1- 7 have no stenciled words added; 8-10 & 14-20 have black stenciled words; 11-13 have both black and white words stenciled on top of the stripes. The right side has a stencil of dots with a bird in the center. In the final step, a painting executed by the artist was then stapled to the left panel. Each painting is different; hence, no two prints are the same.