The Art Guys
Duck Soup (Tap Numero Uno), 2004
Jacquard tapestry
81 x 49 in.
edition of 3

The Art Guys (Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing), who began working together at the University of Houston in 1983, have carefully crafted a presence and wacky notoriety that places them at the heart of the Houston art scene and has captured the attention of a national audience. …Described in the New York Times as a cross between Dada, David Letterman, John Cage and the Smothers Brothers, The Art Guys are the court jesters of the postmodern age. The Art Guys present a blend of performance, conceptual and visual art that explores the absurdities of contemporary life and pokes fun at the art world.
All told, The Art Guys defy categorization, they represent a kink in the art historical continuum – a hiccup, a scratch that can’t be itched. They have amused, irritated, enchanted and befuddled viewers with their deadpan humor and irreverent antics. Regardless of how they are remembered in the annals of American art, their audience will never be the same.

–The Art Guys: KIT AND CABOODLE, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999