William Wiley
Goat with Attire, 2009
acrylic inkjet on hand-cut wood panel, palette, button, & paintbrushes.
62 in. tall

Pun-loving sage William T. Wiley continues to explore unorthodox combinations of printing and painting at Magnolia. New works by Wiley include a series of Manograms, titled Goat with Attire, a reference to the late Robert Rauschenberg’s famous “Monogram” assemblage, which included a taxidermied goat inside a rubber tire. Wiley’s works on panel combine printed, painted, and textual elements with assemblage: objects including handkerchiefs, string, compasses, photographs, and more have been collaged to their surfaces.

Wiley has also created an edition of artist’s palettes which will be sold at his upcoming exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, “What’s It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospective.” After running October to January in Washington, DC, the show will travel to the Berkeley Art Museum in March of 2010.