Amy Ellingson
Grand Loop Variation No. 1, 2023
Jacquard tapestry
96 x 80 inches
edition of 6

“I’m thrilled to announce my second collaboration with Magnolia Editions. We created two large-scale tapestries, Grand Loop Variation No. 1 and Grand Loop Variation No. 2. This project is the fruition of my interest in jacquard weaving; the Jacquard machine, patented in 1804, simplified the weaving process by using punch cards to determine designs and patterns in the weaving process. This early technology is considered an important step in the history of computing. Magnolia Editions’ notable innovation within this time-honored tradition involves the computerization of custom palettes. The tapestries are woven at a small, family-owned mill in Belgium. The Grand Loop Variation tapestries are closely related to the paintings in the Loop suite, but are unique designs created specifically for the weaving process. It’s a dream come true to work with the team at Magnolia again, with their cutting edge digital expertise, to create works that have such deep, historical associations. Tapestries have distinct tactile and optical qualities, as they are woven in low-relief. Colors literally recede and advance in physical space. And, of course, tapestries represent centuries of skill and craft in terms of their presence as art objects. I appreciate the history of the medium, not least because of its relationship to early computing devices.”

— Amy Ellingson