Robert Arneson
Jackson State II, 1986
7 color lithograph
41 x 30 in.
edition of 8

Jackson State II was pulled at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA on a flatbed transfer press. The prints were pulled individually, one color run at a time, each drawn by Robert Arneson. A total of seven colors were used. After a proofing session, where various color changes were tried, the artist selected a bon a tirer or right to print which was used as the standard for the edition. The artist continued to make changes and refinements during the editioning. One rainbow Roll was employed to produce a subtle color shift.

One of the key members of California’s Funk Art movement, Robert Arneson used raucous humor as an effective means of broaching difficult social and political issues. Arneson exerted a profound influence on the generations of artists that developed in California during the 1960s, 70s and 80s as both an artist and a teacher (he began instructing at UC Davis in 1962). Although principally known for his ribald ceramic sculptures, Arneson was also an avid draftsman, painter and printmaker. At Magnolia he created a variety of works on paper, including a series of large lithographs in which he explored his relationship with one of the most influential figures in modern American art: Jackson Pollock.