Chuck Close
Lou, 2012
Jacquard tapestry
93 x 78 in. approximately
edition of 6

Chuck Close’s 2012 tapestry Lou depicts the influential and iconoclastic rock-and-roll legend, Lou Reed.

“Lou Reed’s got wrinkles in his wrinkles.” Artist Chuck Close and I are in his ground-floor studio on Bond Street. He’s describing a giant tapestry of Reed’s face that he’s hoping to have ready by mid October. The studio is jammed with assistants color-correcting dyes, poring over photographic images, and managing office business. It’s an especially busy time for Team Close—the 72-year-old painter is preparing for his long-awaited fall show at Chelsea’s Pace Gallery. Arrayed around the walls are some of his closest friends—Roy, Paul, Philip, Laurie, Cindy. In his relaxed company, it’s practically immaterial that they’re all celebrities. “I always wanted to make paintings of ordinary, undistinguished people,” Close says as if reading my thoughts. “It’s not my fault they became famous.”
(from a 2012 Village Voice cover story on Close)