Mel Ramos
Martini Miss, 2004
Jacquard tapestry
82 x 60.5 in.
edition of 24

A longtime friend and frequent visitor to Magnolia Editions, Mel Ramos grew curious about the emerging potential of the tapestry medium and decided to translate a series of his colorful pop sirens. The results display Ramos’s signature fusion of fine art technique, pin-up eroticism, and the gleeful product worship of advertising. In the process of conversion into fiber, Ramos’s pop art gloss has gone matte, but his trademark wit and saucy delivery are unmistakable.

Martini Miss was woven in Belgium on a seven-foot wide Jacquard loom utilizing 17,800 warp threads of 8 repeating colors. The weft threads are comprised of 8 repeating colors woven at 60 shots per centimeter. The weave file was created at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA by Donald Farnsworth and the artist.