Diane Andrews Hall
Piercing Light, 2006
Jacquard tapestry
79 x 79 in.
edition of 8

When Kenneth Baker wrote about a suite of Diane Andrews Hall’s paintings in 1996, “I cannot look at them without recalling Emerson’s avowal that ‘the sky is the daily bread of the eyes,’”  he could just as easily have been referring to Piercing Light. Based on 2000’s painting of the same name, Hall’s tapestry celebrates an almost religious encounter between a human spectator and the beauty of the natural landscape Piercing Light is also a tour de force of translation, testifying to the limitless potential of Magnolia Editions’ innovative approach to weaving for artists accustomed to the endless possibilities of paint. The luminosity and meditative quality found in Hall’s original oil painting effortlessly shines through in the subtle gradations of tone and hue afforded by Magnolia’s custom woven color palettes. One look at traditional, hand-woven tapestries – for all their undeniable beauty – underscores the remarkable fluidity that Hall and Magnolia Editions have managed to achieve in this medium.