Enrique Chagoya
Pluribus Recession, 2009
pigmented inkjet on Magellan rag paper
36 x 36 in
Edition of 10

Enrique Chagoya’s One Recession and Pluribus Recession editions offer a pointed commentary regarding the architects of the United States’ economic tailspin. In the tradition of Chris Burden’s 1977 counterfeit print Diecimila, Chagoya has created a series of dollar bills which are subtly altered to reference the destructive neo-con policies which doubled the national debt during the disastrous George W. Bush presidency. To reveal all of Chagoya’s revisions and updates to the Treasury’s dollar design might spoil the fun; the “Untied States of America” and the goldfish bowl in which George Washington is submerged are only the tip of the iceberg. Both editions were printed on a laid Magellan rag paper which bears a striking similarity to the paper used to print actual currency (shh, don’t tell the Fed!)