George Miyasaki
Signal Hill, 1985
9 color lithograph
35.5 x 28.5 in.
edition of 60

George Miyasaki’s Signal Hill was pulled at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA on a Steinmesse and Stollberg flatbed transfer press. A separate overlay for each color was drawn by the artist. The prints were pulled individually, one color at a time. The artist then approved, signed and designated each impression.

In both Blue Ridge and Signal Hill, the image area extends to the paper’s edge, implying an extension beyond the limits of the paper. The dark, hard-edged geometric forms are afloat in delicate tusche washes of lavender, gray, and pink. These intermediate tones also intensify the adjacent areas of primary color, while overlying blue and black brushstrokes give a textural quality to the surface. The composition and varying values of these prints recall Miyasaki’s unique paintings.