Christine Eudoxie
Sky 2 Billboard, 2004
pigmented inkjet on rag paper
13.5 x 24 in.

Artist’s Statement
October 2004

Three years ago I became obsessed with billboards. Their visibility sparked me to consider them as a way of exhibiting my paintings in the surroundings that inspire them. I see billboards as a means of expanding the domain of fine art and in this way lessening the exclusiveness that seems to plague and limit both the audience and the art community. Art is life and it needs to be seen.
The best way to explain my work is to consider how I manage my media. As Artist in Residence at Magnolia Editions in Oakland I’ve gotten to see and work around artists like Don and Era Farnsworth. Their expertise and experience have been a tremendous help to me. I’ve learned to digitally combine my paintings, drawings and photographs. Using inkjet archival pigment I am able to print onto almost anything I want. What I love to do is to combine my painting with my street images and surfaces onto canvas. The process of merging my paintings, drawings and photography to create each piece is monumental. I am now completely in control of each of the many layers of my images.
I love different surfaces, especially the kind that are on the street. Photography enables me to bring these surfaces home and work on them. Utility poles and boxes,the concrete of freeways,walls,fences and vacant lots are my mania and I drive daily throughout Oakland, San Francisco and surrounding areas checking on the progress of hundreds of places and specific items I am watching. When something (a doorway, piece of tape on a wall,the side of a dumpster) is ready, I photograph it. An uncanny number of the things I photograph seem to disappear, get painted over or otherwise cease to exist after being documented. We live in conflict and balance with time and its unending march. In a way I feel my art preserves things at their peak of beauty.

Christine Eudoxie