Guy Diehl
Still Life with Three Pears, 2001
7.75 x 9.5 in
edition of 80

Guy Diehl created his 2001 lithograph editions over a five-month period, again working in close collaboration with Magnolia Editions Master Printer, Rick Dula. Still Life with Canaletto required the layering of 20 individual drawings, each drawing representing a different color. The precise layering of these drawings provides a sense of faultless modeling and infuses the prints with deep, rich textures and the luminous color characteristic of Diehl’s work.

The smaller, more intimate Still Life with Three Pears and Magnolia Bud with Glass operate in a similar manner. Although they bear a resemblance to turn-of-the-century photogravures, Diehl’s lack of nostalgia along with his use of contemporary glasses and vases renders these new works decidedly contemporary. They, like Canaletto, hover delicately between past and present, both embracing and skillfully updating the tradition of still life painting.