Jimin Lee
The Bathtub - A Torso of His Body, 1997
24 x 36 in. (paper: 25 x 38 in.)

The Bathtub – A Torso of His Body was printed at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA. The artist created the bathtub image with an airbrush and drawing pencils on transparent mylar. After it was transferred onto a pre-sensitized copper plate, lithography pencils and a tusche bar with alcohol were directly applied for organic markings and layers on the first plate. The human rib cage image was drawn with sugar lift along with spit bite on the second plate. The drains for buttons image were made from a photo-etching process. The aquatint etchings were etched many times using dutch mordant acid. The small red circles for the bow tie image and the red dots for human blood vessels were created by etching an image drawn in hard ground. The prints were pulled individually, one color run at a time.