Jimin Lee
The Bathtub with Two Drains, 1997
etching with chine colle
24 x 36 in. (paper: 29 x 41 in.)

The Bathtub With Two Drains was printed at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA. The bathtub image was printed on a transparent kodalith in the darkroom. After artist drew additional images and markings on the kodalith, the image was transferred onto a pre-sensitized photo-copper plate. Lithography pencils and a tusche bar were used to create a organic texture in the dark area. It took multiple etches of aquatint in dutch-mordant acid to get a rich black tone. A sugar lift was applied directly onto the second plate and etched with aquatint in ferric chloride. Korean rice paper was cut out for Chine Colle and glued with a wallpaper glue and Japanese starch glue.