Jimin Lee
The Pillow - counting sheep, 1997
etching with engraving, drypoint, chine colle, and collograph
24 x 36 in. (paper: 30 x 44 in.)

The Pillow – Counting Sheep was printed at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA. The pillow image was created with hard ground etching and deep etched with aquatint in ferric chloride. The half-toned pillow in the center and the frame image in the edges was transferred by a photo-etching process. The artist made line drawings with drypoint and engraving. In addition, some flowers images inside the pillow image were blurred by a spit bite. The brush drawings with molding paste were done on Plexiglass. Korean rice paper was cut for the left side of the pillow part for Chine Colle and printed with the first plate. Using a viscosity process with a lightweight inking roller on the first plate, a subtle gray tone was achieved in the background area between the pillow and the frame.