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Origin:Specimens I, pt. 1

Bird Skin Tray IV

Bird Skin Tray III

Bird Skin Tray II

Bird Skin Tray I

Origin:Specimens XIII, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens XI, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens IX, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens XII, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens XI, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens X, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens X, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens IX, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens VIII, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens VII, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens I, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens II

Origin:Specimens III

Origin:Specimens IV, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens IV, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens V, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens V, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens VI, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens VI, pt. 2

Origin:Specimens VII, pt. 1

Origin:Specimens VIII, pt. 1

Antiquarian Library Triptych

Robed Aphrodite

Standing Gallo-Roman Figure

Dancing Faun

Standin Figure I

Standing Figure II

Standing Figure III

Standing Figure IV

Standing Figure V

Torso I

Torso II

Torso III

Victory I

Victory II

Victory III

Victory IV

Victory V

Darwin: Origin of ... Chapter 3 #1

Darwin: Origin of ... Chapter 1 #1

Darwin: Origin of ... Chapter 2 #1

Darwin Triptych

Face #3

Baptistry Window

Doric Arch with Beach Ball and Bellows

Watering Can/Umbrella

Easel w/ Beachball & Unbrella


Watering Can/Umbrella

Chair Wheelbarrow

Bellows, Window, Wheelbarrow IV

Beach Ball, Dress, Iron

La Cappella del Cielo

Counterpoint/Gothic VII

Counterpoint/Baptistry #1

Counterpoint/Baptistry #2

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Determinate Hand Papermaking
(paperback, 106 pp.)
Determinate papermaking refers to papermaking with a precise and specific target size, weight, and style. Aimed at conservators, papermakers, archivists and handmade paper enthusiasts, this detailed, step-by-step guide provides instructions on making handmade paper according to predetermined specifications (color, weight, texture, etc). Covering a variety of tools and technologies and incorporating a wealth of new research, this volume is a handy reference for papermakers of all stripes and an indispensable tool for anyone working in paper conservation.

Handmade Paper Method Cinquecento
(paperback, 96 pp.)
Magnolia Editions director Donald Farnsworth has worked for years to recreate the richly textured papers of the Italian Renaissance at a large scale for contemporary artists. This detailed volume explores the technical factors involved in taking one's studio practice back in time to the cinquecento era, including the use of bast fibers (linen, hemp) in the paper pulp; the adoption of various beating methods; and – crucially – the use of felts made from sheep with 500-year-old DNA in their wool.

Origin: Specimens by Donald Farnsworth
(softcover, 74 pages)
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A catalog of works by Donald Farnsworth exhibited at the Fresno Art Museum and the Nevada Museum of Art. Farnsworth's large scale prints on paper and canvas combine extraordinarily detailed, hyper-realistic images of specimens from the natural world with text from Charles Darwin's Origin of Species, inviting the viewer to consider the dual roles of observation and belief in humanity's understanding of its own origins. Includes an essay by Nick Stone and a foreword by the artist.

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