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Kali-fornia Dreamin by William Wiley

Etching w/ watercolor on 40 buttons, leather box 11 x 17 x 1.2 in. with 1.75 in. buttons Hand colored buttons: $6,000 (B&W $4,200)

Please contact Magnolia to order

In 2006, Magnolia Editions teamed with genre-busting maverick William T. Wiley to create an unprecedented edition of fine art buttons. Each edition is housed inside a custom, one of a kind box resembling a book and created by John DeMerritt, president of Hand Bookbinders of California. A text composed by Wiley accompanies the edition, and can be read either as captions accompanying the imagery or as a single, continuous poem. Touching on classic Wiley themes of beauty, creativity, human ambition, transcendence, mortality and identity, Kali-fornia Dreamin strikes a balance between the epic nature of its content and the personal, unassuming scale of the button medium, providing a fascinating survey of the universe as seen through Wiley’s eyes.

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