Deborah Oropallo

The Sailor

The Diver


Blue Dress

The Fighter

Magic Kingdom

The Archer

The Lion Tamer

The Nurse

The Maid

The Fire Chief

The Clown

Where am I?

Don't believe me?

What have you done?

There's not enough time!

How can this be possible?

Not even you!

This can't be happening!

This is just the beginning.

Blue Belle

Six Shooter


George - State II

Jersey Girl



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Six Shooter Portfolio by Deborah Oropallo

11 Pigmented inkjet prints, portfolio, essay 17 x 19.75 x 1.5 in. Edition of 10 $6,000

PREVIEW | Please contact Magnolia to order

Deborah Oropallo's Six Shooter suite of eleven pigmented inkjet prints is a companion to her Wild Wild West Show series, delivering the artist’s consideration of western imagery - in this case, compositions inspired by cowboy-themed toy pistols - in a more intimate format. A text by Nick Stone and a poem, Cowboy, are included. Each suite of prints is housed in a handmade clamshell box with a white leather star embedded on the surface.

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