Donald & Era Farnsworth

Bauhaus A: Homage to Anni Albers

Bauhaus B: Homage to Herbert Bayer

Airavata 2 (Cultural Theme Park series)

Ebony Buddha

Alice Rowing (Cultural Theme Park series)

Aulos Echo

Deer Deity

In the Moonlight (I forget I’m human)

Parasol Falls



Parasol Fall

Actinomma Antartica


Glass Houses I, center panel (Foram & Cocolithospore) (3D version)

Urban Shrine


Goddess of Compassion

Sanctuary flame

Sonnet LX (Like as the Waves Make towards the Pebbled Shore)

North Sea

Glass Houses II, Left Panel

Glass Houses II, Right Panel

Sacred Pine (print)

Oasis Thangka II

Oasis Thangka I

Sacred Pine (tapestry)

Mythos Totem II

Tree Thangka III

Tree Thangka I

Mandala Analecta

Electric Thangka

Ninepipes (with molecules)

Mythos X

Mythos VIII, Deluge Thangka

Mythos IX - Snow on Fuji

Mythos VII - Pompeii Thangka

Mythos V, Pompeii Thangka

Mythos III

Reflection Pool (Blue)

Mythos I

Mythos II

River Reflection

Reflection III

Reflection II

Reflection I

Mandala of the Five Buddha Clans

Thangka I

Dharmakaya State I and State II

Autumn Tree

Presidio Cypress

Vernal Equinox Tree

Forum Pine

Please see The St. Petersburg Travelers for additional artworks by Donald & Era Farnsworth with Inez Storer and Andrew Romanoff.

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Art Notes: Donald and Era Farnsworth
(paperback, 136 pages)
Using actual dollar bills as the physical foundation for each work, the artists satirize, ponder and comment upon the monetary system, politics, art, and the ties between corporations and the economy. Look closely, as there are many details, visual quips, and quotes from artists and other broad-minded thinkers. Clearly, the Farnsworths are on a roll and having a good time with this ongoing series.

Tapestries by Donald & Era Farnsworth

(hardcover, 46 pages)



The art of Donald and Era Farnsworth draws from the languages of science, myth, the art historical and the spiritual to address environmental and other contemporary issues. This catalog includes an essay by Nick Stone and images from all of the Farnsworths' woven editions, including a series of animistic tree portraits and the ongoing Mythos series, in which centuries-old works are given a respectfully irreverent digital reinterpretation.

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