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Deer Boy by Hung Liu & Michael McClure

Unbound artist's book with box and silk prayer flag Edition of 20

PREVIEW | Please contact Magnolia to order

Deer Boy, an artist’s book combining images by Hung Liu with a poem by Beat legend Michael McClure composed especially for this project, was inspired by Liu’s encounters with two fallen deer. Each book also contains a multicolored prayer flag of Chinese silk, printed with imagery by Liu.

Daughters of China Portfolio by Hung Liu

14 Pigmented inkjet prints, portfolio, book
19 x 17 x 1.75 in.
Edition of 30

PREVIEW | Please contact Magnolia to order

Hung Liu’s 2007 exhibition Daughters of China, 1938 at Rena Bransten Gallery featured a suite of paintings based on a 1938 Chinese film celebrating a band of female resistance fighters. Liu photographed the film, creating her own stills from which she drew inspiration for a series of epic canvases. To coincide with the exhibition, Liu, Jeff Kelley and Magnolia Editions have collaborated on an editioned portfolio of 15 archival inkjet prints. Each portfolio in the edition is housed in a custom-made book box with slipcase; the set also includes a new book on the Daughters of China series.

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