Press Releases

Chuck Close: Subway Figures (562k)

Contemporary Chinese Artists at Magnolia (2918k)

Chuck Close Phil (Spiral) etching (1000k)

Mel Ramos Wonder Woman woodcut (355k)

Mel Ramos Superman and Batman Woodcuts (609k)

Masami Teraoka - Tattooed Woman at Sunset Beach II tapestry (210k)

Chuck Close: Watercolor Prints (199k)

Magnolia Introduction (138k)

Magnolia Editions Tapestries At a Glance (451k)

Jacquard Weaving and the Magnolia Tapestry Project (911k)

Direct to Plate Photogravure, an in-depth article about the digital photogravure technique invented at Magnolia (2219k)

Hung Liu's Madame Shoemaker tapestry (408k)

Hung Liu's Above the Clouds tapestry (346k)

Kiki Smith tapestries: Earth, Sky, Underground (291k)

Guy Diehl's Still Life with Yves Klein Blue (73k)

William Wiley woodcut editions (232k)

Masami Teraoka’s Geisha in Ofuro tapestry (241k)

Chuck Close’s Lucas tapestry (178k)

Rupert Garcia's Tsunami (154k)

Donald & Era Farnsworth's Sacred Pine (191k)

Prospectus: Artist's books published by Magnolia (880k)

William Wiley's Mr. Sillyhead series (447k)

John Yau and Norbert Prangenberg's A Child's Vi[r]gil (155k)

Enrique Chagoya's Atlas and the Arugulas, One Recession, and Time Can Pass Fast or Slowly (669k)

Chuck Close’s Self-Portrait/Five Part tapestry (120k)

Alex Katz’s Ada with Sunglasses tapestry (258k)

Hung Liu’s Last Emperor tapestry (241k)

Deborah Oropallo’s Six Shooter portfolio (172k)

Hung Liu & Michael McClure’s Deer Boy (241k)

Chuck Close’s Brad tapestry (193k)

Donald Farnsworth's Antiquarian Library Triptych series (180k)

Donald Farnsworth's Origin: Specimens series (246k)

Ralph Goings’s Trio (96k)

Guy Diehl's Still Life with Malevich tapestry (72k)

Chuck Close's Lyle, Andres, & Kiki tapestries (242k)

Ed Moses's tapestries (478k)

Enrique Chagoya’s New Illegal Alien's Guide to Critical Theory (143k)

Chuck Close's Philip Glass tapestry (275k)

Jeff Sanders’s convex tapestries of planets & moons (99k)

William Wiley's Kali-fornia Dreamin (123k)

Deborah Oropallo's George tapestry (88k)

Hung Liu's Fu & Golden Glyph tapestries (250k)

Donald & Era Farnsworth's Mythos tapestries (330k)

Darren Waterston's Tree of St Francis tapestries (345k)

Chuck Close's Self-Portrait tapestry (172k)

Enrique Chagoya's Roadmap tapestry (274k)

George Miyasaki's Terra Ingognita tapestry (167k)

William Wiley's US Artsure tapestry (266k)

Doug Hall's Piacenza Opera House tapestry (144k)

Rupert Garcia's La Xochitl IV tapestry (170k)

Enrique Chagoya's Liberty tapestry (134k)

Donald & Era Farnsworth's tree portrait tapestries (572k)

Inkjet editions by Ralph Goings (363k)

Donald & Era Farnsworth's Mandala Analecta tapestry (201k)

Mel Ramo's tapestries (220k)

William Wileys Alchemical Lyon tapestry (116k)

DJ Hall Perfect tapestry (116k)

April Gornik Light in the woods tapestry (113k)